contact_group inheritence


I was surprised to find that when a contract_group was NOT specifed for a service that the service did NOT inherit the host’s contact_group. When managing many services on many hosts that are each managed by different people, I want to define generic services (used by multiple hosts) but have the notifications go to the host contact.

I am using the version 2.0b4. Did I do something wrong or is this just not possible?


I suppose you need to define each service by itself… let’s see if somebody else hasd a “better” answer :slight_smile:



Of course that is an option, lets see, 100 hosts, 20 services in common to each, all with a different contact, that says I need to define 2000 services… I think that the object of inheritance would have been to prevent this type of situation. And it seems so natural… oh well, maybe it will be added in a future… I guess I need to write some code to generate all those services…


I guess I should be more specific, each host has a different contact, not each service. In order to make this work with the 2.0b4 code, I would have to create all 2000 services in groups of 20 (per host) in order to havethe contacts correct in the serivces.


Nagios is not going to “assume” that a service check notification should go to the hosts definition of contacts. Why should it? The people responsible for the hardware(hosts) may not know anything at all about a “httpd” service and how to fix it.
So, if I have 10,000 hosts and each has a httpd service check, I want the service notifications to go to the software people and the host notifications to go to the hardware techs.

Just define a service check template for the common checks. That is what the templates are for. i.e. to save you typing.