Contacts.cfg question


Dear all,

I want to send e-mail notifications from certain services and sms notifications from other services to myself. Do i have to make 2 contact definitions one with notify by mail and other with notify by sms or is there another way to fix this with only one contact definition.



You can define in your contact definition the email contact and epager contact (which could also be used for sms contact).

define contact{ contact_name contact_name alias alias contactgroups contactgroup_names host_notifications_enabled [0/1] service_notifications_enabled [0/1] host_notification_period timeperiod_name service_notification_period timeperiod_name host_notification_options [d,u,r,f,s,n] service_notification_options [w,u,c,r,f,s,n] host_notification_commands command_name service_notification_commands command_name email email_address pager pager_number or pager_email_gateway addressx additional_contact_address can_submit_commands [0/1] retain_status_information [0/1] retain_nonstatus_information [0/1] }