I installed** NAGIOS** and for the most part it’s working. I have several WINDOWS Servers, (2003)

The Windows Servers return the following on the Service Status Details For All Hosts

CPU Load

UNKNOWN 10-22-2008 16:19:36 0d 2h 38m 56s 3/3 Usage:check_nt -H host -v variable -p port] -w warning] -c critical]-l params] -d SHOWALL] -t timeout]

Heres what I have in my windows.cfg:

define service{
use generic-service
host_name cisco-sas3
service_description CPU Load
check_command check_nt!CPULOAD!-1 5,80,90

Any ideas?


You have mistyped your arguments in check_command variable, they all should be separated with ! (exclamation mark) not with a space character or , (comma)
Check your command definititon for check_nt and see what arguments does it need, and then add those to your check_command variable whithin service definition you’ve posted.


nah, don’t do that… you’ve got a typo in the check_command and transposed a lowercase L for a 1

it should read:

check_command check_nt!CPULOAD!-l 5,80,90