Cpu plugins



i can’t seem to find some of the plug-ins that i needed (ex. check_CPUidle, check_memAvail, check_memTotal, etc…)

i already dowloaded the latest plug-in (1.4.2).

pls help




I’m not aware that those are actual plugins. I know that you can check available memory using the check_mem plugin…there are also plugins like check_load and check_disk and check_procs that you might need…but I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of check_CPUidle and the like.


is there any plugin that i can download to check the stats of my cpu?


What exactly do you want to be able to monitor?

If it’s not a plugin that’s already been developed, I’m sure it’s one that you could create. The docs can get you going in the right direction if that’s what you want/need to do.


there is a check_cpu.pl inside libexec. how do i use this to check my cpu stats?


I would try running it from the command line with a “–help” or “-h” option to see what it turns up. Note also that often, running plugins from command without any options will show you what kind of options you can use with it.


This was a great help thanks. I’m a newbie to Linux/Apache/PHP/Nagios and so the most basic tips are very helpful to me - Once I realised that I needed to run ./check_disk -h I was flying again - may thanks SonOfThunder! :slight_smile:

(No relative! lol)