Create a 'null' host


Hi all,

I have all UPS’s in our server room currently being checked under Nagios, each associated to a host (an already existing server). Its looking quite a mess with all the UPS’s assigned to these hosts so I want to replace the hosts with Cabinets instead to create a more streamline view and better grouping.

What I have done so far is create a host called ‘CAB1’ using a host template in which all checks are nulled out. This seems OK in theory but when looking in Host Detail it is greyed out with ‘No scheduled check’ next to it.

Is there a way to create a ‘null’ host which won’t be checked but also won’t appear under ‘Host Detail’. Or am I going about this the completely wrong way?

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help.



Do the UPS units respond to ping? i suppose yes, in this case i don’t see the problem… or probbly i’m missing the point…



See check_dummy. Ala:
check_dummy 0 “All good here.”


Thanks mmestnik,

The check_dummy 0 works like a charm.