Creating users in nagios and allowing them to only see data


I have been reading the other posts on this subject and have had no luck in creating the users to only see their data.

I’m using the latest nagios 2.0 stable release of 2/07/06

i have created a user in the .htpasswd by the name of lauyans

I have created a contact
define contact{
contact_name lauyans
alias lauyans
so on and so on
i have created a contact group
define contactgroup{
contactgroup_name admin-lauyans
alias Lauyans Administrators
members lauyans

i have add the contact_groups admin-lauyans to the host and services that I want them to have access to
I tried to add contact_groups to the hostgroups and servicesgroups but Nagios does not like that

has anyone had any luck on this
thank you


Your contact group information is merely the group of people you want to receive notifications from Nagios. If you can limit groups to only be able to see information about certain hosts when they’re logged in, I’ve yet to figure out how it might be done.


If you have enabled authentication, and you are in fact, logging in as user “test” then you will only be able to see the hosts/services that user test is a contact for.
It does work, and we use it here alot. My guess is, that you are not logging in, but only have some user defined in a .htpasswd file, and that is all you have. Repeat, are you really logging in as this user? Is this user defined in the cgi.cfg as authorized_for_all_services. If so, then remove that entry, since you don’t want them to see everything. Don’t put anyone in the cgi.cfg except for your “special techs”.