Custom action_url -> javascript


Hi all,

I am trying my hand at getting a little more out of the action_url for extinfo. It’s great and all that I can call an domain or ip address with

But as you all know very well, not all devices we monitor have a web interface. To manage them we need to login via SSH or Telnet. That’s where the action_url fails. Unless you all have found a way. I would like to call some javascript ie

Then carry on with the action to open a program locally.

Nagios builds a viable link for us with this definition.

But I cannot get any javascript to load into the place I need it, say the status page or extinfo page. Using the custom headers doesn’t work because the header is loaded as a separate frame as is the side bar.

So does anybody have a solution or suggestion for me. No access to the cgi source that I am aware of. Thanks for any feedback you might have!

Tony D.