Custom Check works but not displaying results in Nagios



I’ve written a custom script which checks our hardware monitoring. It is supposed to display

Disks OK: Disk 0:0:0 = Ok Disk 0:0:1 = Ok Disk 0:0:2 = Ok Disk 0:0:3 = Ok Disk 1:0:4 = Ok Disk 1:0:5 = Ok

but only displays this in the nrpe check

Disks OK:

Running the script as both root and the nagios user (who is setup in the nrpe.conf) on the server displays correctly, it’s just nrpe isn’t.

When I had this issue in the past it was because I didn’t have the nagios user installed but everything has been triple checked. On all of our other servers it is displaying correctly. I’ve looked at all of the log files and even turned on debugging in the nrpe.conf and don’t see any errors. Has anyone seen this issue before?



I have localized the problem to something with Dell OpenManage 6.2. I installed 6.1 and the checks return as expected. The odd part is that the scripts on 6.2 work as the Nagios user when running them on the server.


Issue is resolved. I had to place the path of openmanage in my script. This is one of those instances where the env scripts were not being used even though I was running it as the nagios user.