Custom Fields funtionality


Hi, all.

What about custom fields in nagios? It would be nice if i can create aliases like a $HOSTADDRES$.
For example, we got alarm levels and contact person for each host. Now i make it via $HOSTNOTES$, but it would be nice if i will be able to create $CF_HOSTALARMLEVEL$, $CF_HOSTCONTACS$. Now, i need only text fields, but as a feature it would be great to add types.

PS Sorry for my poor english.


You can create your own macros. They are defined in the resource.cfg file.
Last one in the list of macros is the user custom macro. I suppose you can add what you want. Haven’t tried that though, but think it could work.

If you want to see in the web interface some additional info, you can add hostextinfo.cfg with additional info about the host: … ostextinfo