Custom Nagios Notifications


I am having some problems even figuring out if this is possible. When an alert occurs and a notitification is sent out, I would like to be able to have a comments section created that outlines what initial troubleshooting techniques should occur based on that alert. Is something like that even possible?

Currently I have a perl plugin monitoring for port errors. When errors start incrementing I want the email sent to a specific group, with the specific port config(client, port, device) and a comment stating, try these 3 things…

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Have you written this perl plugin personaly? If so, you can print out that message from it and exit the script with exit code of your choice: … DEVELOPERS

If it isn’t your script, you could define the new notification command and modify it so it will suit your needs. Go to commands.cfg, and copy one of the notification commands, modify it, and save it. Then, for the service use that notification command which you’ve created (be careful to use different command_name for it.