Daily notification


Hi everyone!

I’m wondering is there an easy way to implement a test service notification that would be delivered every day at specific time. The reason for this is to make sure I can receive messages (for example my pager was deactivated without my knowledge couple days ago and I missed some important notifications).
I was thinking about creating a fake server and let it notify me at a predefined time window (host down), but it will cause some red labels in web interface, will mess-up statistics - in general its kind of not nice solution.
Anyone has better idea?


how about a cron script launching the notify by email command once a day?



I though about this too. Looks like the only feasible solution. I’ll have to spend some extra time making the script parsing contacts.cfg. It would be very neat if possible within nagios but if not - I agree - the cron job is the way to go.
Thanks for the reply!


why parse the contacts? do you change them often? if it’s only yourself you’re going to write to you can just send the email to a fixed address without looking in the contacts file. :slight_smile:



Is it possible to do a dummy check (check_dummy 2, that returns a critical state) at the time you pretend the mail to be sended?

This kind of service may help, i think.



Sure it’s possible, just set the check interval in services.cfg to some number that represents 24hrs. Nagios would then have to be restarted at the point of time you wish to get that email though.