Data for CGI


I am wondering where are stored data that are displayed in the CGI. Some of them are (I suppose) taken from log files. Where is the rest, eg. data returned by event_handler as additional information. I can see them in CGI.

thx for all suggestion


I think you can find all the changes and the history in the Reporting tab of the web-interface


The data is stored in file status.dat. Find this block of code in your nagios.cfg

Status File status_file=/usr/local/nagios/var/status.dat
This is the setting for **status.dat **file location. I’m not sure you could view it with regular account, but that is relative to your linux installation. Take the SU account for viewing it, but be careful not to change the file in the wrong way, I suggest you make a backup first before doing anything with the file.
Also there is retention file if you have retention options enabled (it is used for remembering host/service states when Nagios is stopped). There is also a setting for it in the nagios.cfg:

State Retention File state_retention_file=/usr/local/nagios/var/retention.dat


status.dat file will be present only when nagios is running
I think we will not get the history by seeing it.


Correct, but then the states will be held at the retention file.


Thanks 4 reply. Now I know what I wanted.