Database = host?


Hi All,

I’m quite new to Nagios ( version 3! ) and am trying to configure multiple Oracle database for monitoring.
I’m also using grounwork monarch community editon v5.3 on top of Nagios.

What I would like to do is make a standard set of database tests which I can run on all databases which I configure.
My goal is to configure as less as possible and also be as flexible as possible if I want to change anything later on.

The problem I run into is that I don’t know how to define an object like a database and just assign all the tests to that database so I don’t have to copy 50 services and adjust the database name in the copy-service for each database.
The solution I´ve come up with so far is define a database as a host and just use the $HOSTNAME$ as database name in the tests. But I think there should be a smarter/better way to define this so a database can remain just a service on a host instead of being some kind of host itself.

Any help is greatly appreciated.