Debugging NDO


So I managed to install nagios and configure it so that it monitors 2 hosts: localhost and my netbook (over the LAN). Both computers are running Ubuntu.

I then proceeded to install the NDOUtils plugin. I installed NDOMOD, configured it to interface with a Unix socket and restarted nagios. I then installed NDO2DB daemon and had it interface with mysql where I created dedicated database (manually). I think that it went right, because at the final script of ndo2db install generated desired tables with desired prefixes in the desired database.

Come testing time, I purposefully shut down my netbook over the LAN, waiting for notification. While nagios web interface did detect the host going down (so nagios is configured correctly), no notification was ever sent, and more importantly nothing was sent to the NDO (database) plugin.

3 possibilities there:

  • I haven’t configured my notifications correctly in nagios.
  • The NDOMOD isn’t properly loaded (though install didn’t show me any error).
  • The NDO2DB daemon isn’t writing in db. (ps shows that daemon is indeed running).

Any idea how to debug ?


Ok so I found my error. Every time I launch nagios, I get the error:

By checking the conf file, I know that both NDOMOD (the module) and NDO2DB (the daemon) are using the same output type, a TCP socket listening on the same port.

Any ideas ?