Dependencies - Confused



It’s properly not a problem but for me it is.

On HostA I have HTTP and HTTPS
On HostB I have DNS
On HostC I have DNS

I want that if HTTPS are failing it checks for HTTP before sending me any notification that if HTTP are Critical or in warning will HTTPS also be in error. How to that ?

Further more if HTTP are failing it are checking for if DNS on HostB ot HostC is okay before sending me notification that if DNS is critical it will never be able to resolve the $HOSTADDRESS$

Is that possible and how ?



I never find an answer to this problem, maybe someone know ?

#3 … ncies.html

PS: I wouldn’t want the HTTP check to depend from DNS… if the DNS I use is down it doesn’t mean the rest of the world can still reach my website, so i’d still want to be warned if HTTP goes down while DNS is down. might not be needed in your particular situation but it’s worth a thought.