Desactivate check of a non-OK service



I’m monitoring aix errpt logs through nrpe and the check_errpt command.
My problem is that the script is comparing actual error log whith the last error log checked.
So when a new event arrive in the log I got a notification, but next check everything fo back to green.
Is there a way to suppress the check of a service when it become non-OK

what the max value can take the retry_check_interval ?
I try to put a zero value to desactivate but it doesn’t accept, and big number aren’t taken in consideration.

Thank you very much for your help



this link may help you: … vices.html
(from what I understand, it should apply directly to your issue … but honestly, I’ve never used it :))

Also, the “retry_check_interval” has “no limit”.
If you want to desactivate it, you should set the option “max_check_attempts” to 1 => meaning that nagios won’t retry before sending a notification (note: from what you’re writing, I’m not sure you understood the retry_check_interval option; don’t hesitate to read it again at … ml#service )

Hope this helps a little bit :slight_smile:


Hi !

What plugin did you use?

If I use … 9.html;d=1 (plugin for SSH) with NRPE, it will be work?