Details about process_perf_data & event_handler options



I want to know the details about these two options in Nagios.
(i) process_perf_data
(ii) event_handler

Can I use these options to check the status of a service and run some scripts or commands based on the state? Also please forward me some links about these options.

Thank you

#2 … dlers.html

So yes, you could use a combination of these to run some scripts or commands based on output state. AFAIK event_handlers only take for initial consideration the first line of output, i.e. the contents of the $SERVICEOUTPUT$ macro - but there’s no reason why you can’t write an event handler to act upon information received and from that to and when it is in, say, a warning or critical state, script it such that a further check is performed on the appropriate entries in your service_perf_data file, then take additional action based on that outcome…




thank you Strides, the links helped lot