Detect manual restarts



I have a small development network that Im monitoring. The developers forget to call in when they manually restart the servers and a flood of error ensues. I dont want them to even call in. I just want the manual restarts to stop creating a lot of warnings. All windows BTW.

The plan is to check for event 1074 with source user32 in the last 5-7 lines in Event Log. If present generate a failure that will be ignored but none of the child checks should generate a warning. Right?

Does this sound like a plan? Is there a better way? Does anything already exist that has the same functionality?


i’d rather go for a timing change… if it’s developmet stuff it’s usually not time critical, so i’d rather get a bit more relaxed on check timings… give the servers a coupe minutes extra before throwing an alert, and see if it comes back up…

or is that no option?


No you are probably right. I just dont know enough about Nagios to comment. I wont be able to do anything for the next 5 weeks but I’ll be back if I need help with the timing change.

Thx again Luca.