Dial up connection for email notification


Hello Nagios Community,

I look forward to test nagios, just one detail that is makes me consider implementing nagios or not that is:

Problem: Nagios server will be in the same room of the machines I want to monitor, so if my internet connection gets lazy or if somebody cuts the cable I can’t receive mail notifications.

Theorical solution: After thinking in this problem I realize i could use the fax modem I’m using in the nix server that I’m using as faxserver (btw hylafax + avantfax = really good sh*t) to estabilish internet connection needed to send notifications.

Technical solution: Monitor all machine with nagios + centron if there was a problem that needed notification, a dialup connection using a 56k modem thought a analog line will be established and then the e-mail is sent.

So what you think is this scenario possible to accomplish with nagios?

Thanks in advance, cheers!