Disabling notification for one contact?


Does anyone know of a way to disable notifications for certain contacts like you would for a host/service? I don’t think it is possible today.

Reason I ask is for example, a lot of maintenance is going on with the network and nagios sees mostly everything down. It is a pain to have to go disable notifications per device, etc if it is effecting everything. I do have parent/child relationships built but for a lot of sites, etc it still is a pain. I’d rather just disable notifications for the contact that results in opening trouble tickets through the GUI then having to either stop nagios completely or go comment out the contact in the config file and restart nagios.

I’m thinking of maybe playing with the notification command so it checks some file maybe to send it to one contact or not and hoping i can make a web page linked off the nagios menu to toggle the notification on/off for the user. I just wanted to see if someone else has gone down this path or if there is something already in place to do this I am not aware of.