Disabling notifications in a hostgroup while testing


We have a hostgroup of routers with common services. I’d like to test some new services, but ignore possible error conditions.

On any one host, if I “disable notifications for this host” and a service becomes Critical, no notifications will be sent, right?

If I “disable notifications for all services on this host” but host notifications are enabled, no notifications be sent, right?

To disable notifications for all hosts in the hostgroup, there must be a better way than to drill-down and disable every host/service using the web interface, but how?

Thanks to all…


On the web interface, I now see that each hostgroup is listed as “my_hostgroup” and “(my_hostgroup)”. Using the one in parentheses gives you access to commands that affect the entire hostgroup. So there’s my answer on how to disable notifications for all the hosts in the hostgroup at once.

But now: is there a way to force all service checks on all hosts in the hostgroup at once? I’d like to avoid waiting for the next scheduled checks, and do them immediately.

Thanks to all…


nagios will continue doing service AND host checks if you disable notifications. it simply will stop sending notifications. If you want notifications to be sent immediately that’s not possible as the notification logics needs a check to be done, and only then if all conditions are met a notification is sent.

nagios.sourceforge.net/docs/3_0/ … tions.html


Thanks for that, luca.

When I add a service to the hostgroup, say, Nagios schedules the first checks at random points over the next hour. I’d like to force the service to be checked now to see if it succeeds. But rather than using the web interface to reschedule one service on one host, and forcing it to “now”, I’d like to do it to the entire hostgroup; or even force all services on all hosts in the hostgroup to be rescheduled to “now”.

I’ve got notifications on all services on all hosts in the hostgroup turned off while testing (one click, easy), so I’m not trying to force notifications, just checks of the services.


If it spreads them out in an hour you are checking your hosts at quite big intervals… i don’t think it’s possible to have the check execute immediatley but POSSIBLY using service_inter_check_delay_method=n and using service and host retention could do the trick… but using check_delay_method=n is NOT recommended for production sites…
On a running server I usually add a couple of hosts at a time, so i prefer rescheduling the checks for these hosts by hand from the interface…

Hope this helps.