disk_alias: different values for different drives



is there a way to define different warning values specific windows machines for drive c: than for the other drives?
We’ve got two machines which fill up additional drives by an application almost to the maximum (which is OK), but decreasing the warning values down to 1% or 0% will also decrease the warning for drive c:, which is not very useful then.



what plugin are you using? i think with check_nt and ntclient++ it’s possible to check each drive separately.


I think so as well. What I don’t get is how to specify/overwrite the default checks defined by the service-group. Your assumption is correct. Currently I’ve set alias_disk to 0% in order to suppress the error messages.
Can I specify these checks in the host definition and will this overwrite the inherited default checks?



i think you’ll need to modify the check to add a parameter.

see Example 2: Command Argument Macros