Distributed monitoring questions



I currently use a simple Nagios setup to monitor a few servers. I want to setup a distributed architecture with a central console (just a dashboard) and multiple distributed monitoring nodes reporting back to the console over the internet.

I understand that Nagios can be configured in this manner, but I have a few questions about the distributed config :

  • what is the protocol used for communication between the nodes and the console?

  • is the data sent by the nodes encrypted? if not, how can it be encrypted?

  • how is the authentication of nodes handled? to avoid anyone posting fake info to the console



NSCA and I think it does a 2 way hand shake and can be encrypted. I had it working for awhile but had to move away from it. It seemed to me that it had issues with doing passive and active checks at the same time. Just caused too much load on the front end machine. But if you ran just a front end server with no checks it would probable work fine. That is what I’m going to try next assuming nagios 3 isn’t out yet.


I have 1265 passive checks and 29 active checks on the central server with the load being under 1 mostly. So, no, nsca isn’t the cause of your high load on central server. I recall someone else having load issues, but we couldn’t resolve the problem.

But yes, Justin is right about nsca encryption.