Distributed Monitoring


Well I’m trying to get distributed monitoring working with my nagios systems. I currently have one “distrubted” server setup. In this case I do have the basic Debian package for Nagios with includes the web based interface and everything you would need for a stand alone nagios monitoring server. I followed the docs for distributed monitoring and I am to the point where the dist. server should be sending out the results of the check_disk command I specified. Now I added the host and service entry on the Central nagios server. I also made the central server accept passive checks. The host on the central server even has a large “P” next to it indicating it is a passive check and waiting for results from the dist. server. The Dist server however doesn’t appear to be sending out the results. I am using the Dist server with the web based frontend to find out if the host is being checked and geting results, which it is. Though the host does not have a “P” next to it on the dist. server. Is the dist. server supposed to be doing passive or active checks?

When I run the submit_check_result script it indicates that is communicates with the server but 0 packets were sent. I checked the FAQ about changing the used_retained_state option from 0 to 1, and actually it was the retain_state_information setting that allowed me to see a “P” next to the host, but then it would never complete the check_disk command let alone send it across to the central server.

Does anyone have any suggestions that might help? Could someone post a couple of sample cfg files from their distrib server? The documentation appears to be rather spare on the topic and i’m trying to find out what the minimal settings are needed in the cfg files for a dist server. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



The distributed server is performing acitve checks, and the central server is getting passive checks from this device.
The reason 0 packets are sent, is due to not settting up nsca correctly. Read the nsca docs again. They clearly explain how to setup the central and remote server.


Thanks for the reply. I managed to get the NSCA client to communicate now and report the disk space. The problem I have now is I setup the dist server to monitor SMTP locally. SMTP isn’t running so it correctly indicated on the dist server that it’s in a Critical state and the Status says “Connection Refused”. This information is being passed a long to the Central Server however the Central server is reporting the node as “OK” instead of critical even though the status window says “Connection refused” as well. Any idea why it wouldn’t be reporting the proper status? Thanks again



Sounds like you have checks enabled on the central server for smtp service. Make sure you clik the link to disable checks for that service and that host.