Distributed nagios and rrd


I am trying to setup a distributed nagions consisting one backend server (i.e. Server A) and one front end server (Server :roll:. Server A is configured with all active checks and handles notification. Server B is just meant to act a portal and has corresponding passive checks defined.

Everything appears to be working fine, except the rrd and graph. When I see the status on to the monitoring page on Server B it does reflect the correct status and time stamp, any changes in status (Host & Service) is reflected on Server B. But when I click on the graph, I do not see anything. Also I do not see any rrd files being created on Server B where as on Server A everything works as expected.

I hope rrd files should be created on the Server B as well. I appreciate any guidance whether it is possible or not and if it is possible, what could be wrong?


Have you configured nsca on server B? and send_nsca on Server A?

For RRD graphs you need process performance data enabled on server B as well


Thanks for response. Yes nsca and send_nsca are configured also the process performance data is enabled on both the servers. The way I have configured is.

  1. Created VM for Server A (in backend VLAN)
  2. Configured the Nagios on it.
  3. Took snapshot of the VM and imported this as another VM for Server B in front-end VLAN.
  4. Configured send_nsca on Server A and nsca on Server B.

Server B does get the information from server A but does not create the rrd data.