Don't archive logs

My Nagios 1.3 stoped archivin his event.log files and when I chose “Ivent Log” in browser, he load all file for 2 month! Enybody knows, why it happends?

in nagios.cfg ?

No, log_rotation_method=d, that’s why cant find the problem!
Nagios says:
13-03-2006 23:36:17] Auto-save of retention data completed successfully.

14-03-2006 00:36:17] Auto-save of retention data completed successfully.

But in /var/spool/nagios/archives there’s nothing at all!

“Auto-save of retention data completed successfully.”

isn’t the log rotation…
at 00:00:00 you should find

Log Rotation[03-15-2006 00:00:00] LOG ROTATION: DAILY

If it isn’t try restarting nagios. (not from the web interface make it from command line)


Don’t work :frowning: May it be a reason, that Nagios was compiled with SQL support?

it will rotate at midnight… if you used “d”…
even if compiled with SQL support it shouldn’t change way of working during operations.


log_archive_path=/usr/local/nagios/var/archives definition in nagios.cfg???
If so, then you don’t have correct permissions on the folder.

OK, now it works fine:

chown nagios:nagios /var/spool/nagios/archives :frowning:

OK, I hit that nail right on the head huh??? Hoooaah!!!