[Dovecot-news] Dovecot Oy merger with Open-Xchange AG


Hi all,

Today I can finally announce that Dovecot Oy company has merged with Open-Xchange AG. This helps us to get more Dovecot developers, support people and so on. Most importantly, eventually it should allow me to get back to doing what I like the most: Designing new and interesting stuff for Dovecot and perfecting the old stuff :slight_smile: OX is a great match to Dovecot going forward. They also really like open source and share our plans for the future. Nothing big will change as a result of this merger: Dovecot will stay Dovecot with its own name and release schedules. We’re not going to force OX and Dovecot to be the same product, other than having a somewhat deeper integration between them.

Here are the press release links about it:

Timo Sirainen

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