[Dovecot-news] Released Pigeonhole Sieve v0.1.16 for Dovecot


Hello Dovecot users,

Pigeonhole development has slowed down significantly in the last few months due to the fact that I got swamped in work.

The plan is now to move active development of Pigeonhole to Dovecot v2.0, meaning that this will be the last release for v1.2 that contains significant development changes and new features. However, if a certain new feature is simple enough and there is a demand for it, I may backport it from v2.0 and release it along with any bugfixes that may still arise.

The main thing that this new release adds is full support for the spamtest, spamtestplus and virustest extensions. These extensions implement a uniform means of testing the content spam/virus status headers in mail messages:


Not many people have tested these new features yet and therefore these are currently considered experimental. Test these thoroughly before you start using them! Documentation is available in doc/spamtest-virustest.txt

Changelog Sieve v0.1.16:

  • Finished implementation of spamtest, spamtestplus and virustest extensions. These are not enabled by default and need to be
    activated with the sieve_extensions setting. Documentation available in doc/spamtest-virustest.txt
  • Vacation extension: the from address of the generated reply is now by default equal to whatever known recipient alias matched the
    headers of the message. If it is one of the aliases specified with :addresses, it is used in stead of the envelope recipient address
    that was used before.
  • Restructured and optimized the lexical scanner.
  • Added --with-docs configure option to allow disabling installation of documentation.
  • Accidentally omitted ‘extern’ in two declarations of global variables in header files, causing compile failures on certain
  • Deprecated imapflags extension: fixed implicit assignment of flags.
    Turns out this never really worked, but the effect of this bug was obscured by the removeflag bug fixed in the previous release.
  • Fixed various memset argument mixups in enotify extension. This caused warnings on certain systems, but luckily no adverse effects
    at runtime.

The releases are available as follows:


rename-it.nl/dovecot/1.2/dov … .16.tar.gz
rename-it.nl/dovecot/1.2/dov … tar.gz.sig

Refer to pigeonhole.dovecot.org for more information. Have fun testing the new releases and don’t hesitate to notify me when there are problems.


Stephan Bosch