[Dovecot-news] Released Pigeonhole v0.2.5 fr Dovecot v2.0.16


Hello Dovecot users,

Before I move active development of Pigeonhole to Dovecot v2.1, I first release all the pending bug fixes and small improvements.

Changelog v0.2.5:

  • Sieve vacation extension: made discard message for implicit delivery more verbose
  • The sieve-test tool: mixed up original and final envelope recipient in implementation of command line arguments.
  • Sieve vacation extension: resolved FIXME regarding the use of variables in the :handle argument. Variables are now handled correctly.
  • Sieve body extension: fixed handling of :content “message/rfc822”.
    This now yields the headers of the embedded message as required by the specification. Handling of :content “multipart” remains to be fixed.
  • LDA Sieve plugin: fixed problem with recipient_delimiter configuration. Now it falls back to global recipient_delimiter setting if plugin/recipient_delimiter is not set.

The release is available as follows:

rename-it.nl/dovecot/2.0/dov … 2.5.tar.gz
rename-it.nl/dovecot/2.0/dov … tar.gz.sig

Refer to pigeonhole.dovecot.org and the Dovecot v2.0 wiki for more information. Have fun testing this new release and don’t hesitate to notify me when there are any problems.


Stephan Bosch

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