[Dovecot-news] Released Pigeonhole v0.4.13.rc1 for Dovecot v2.2.22.rc1


Hello Dovecot users,

Pigeonhole v0.4.12 still compiles against Dovecot v2.2.22.rc1, but only with warnings. That is the primary reason for this new release. However, there are also a few significant changes as listed below. When no significant problems are reported, a definitive release will follow closely after Dovecot v2.2.22 is released.

Changelog v0.4.13:

  • redirect action: Added the list-id header to the duplicate ID for mail loop prevention. This means that the message sent directly to the user and the message coming through the mailing list itself are treated as different messages by the loop detection of the redirect command, even though their Message-ID may be identical.
  • Changed the Sieve number type to uint64_t, which means that Sieve numbers can now technically range up to 2^64. Some other Sieve implementation allowed this, making this change necessary for successful migration.
  • Implemented the sieve_implicit_extensions setting. The extensions listed in this setting do not need to be enabled explicitly using the Sieve “require” command. This behavior directly violates the standard, but can be necessary for compatibility with some existing implementations of Sieve. Do not use this setting unless you really need to!
  • redirect action: Made mail loop detection more robust by forcibly adding a Message-ID header if it is missing.
  • Prevent logging a useless “script not found” error message for LDAP scripts for which the entry exists but no attribute containing a script. This is not necessarily an error.
  • extprograms plugin: Changed the communication channel between parent and child process for a directly forked program from a socketpair to a double pipe. Linux does not support /dev/stdin, /dev/stdout and friends for sockets. For some shell program authors this may be confusing, so that is why it is changed. When using the script service, these device nodes are still not usable though.

The release is available as follows:


Refer to http://pigeonhole.dovecot.org and the Dovecot v2.x wiki for more information. Have fun testing this release candidate and don’t hesitate to notify me when there are any problems.


Stephan Bosch

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