[Dovecot-news] Released Pigeonhole v0.4.17.rc1 for Dovecot v2.2.28.rc1


Hello Dovecot users,

Several bugs were found in the course of the last few months, but no new features were created. So, this will be strictly a bug-fixing release.
The previous Pigeonhole release should still work with the new Dovecot release, which means you are not required to upgrade. However, my advice would be to upgrade once this release candidate matures into a final release, since at least the first bug listed below is pretty severe.

Changelog v0.4.17:

  • LDA Sieve plugin: Fixed handling of an early explicit keep during multiscript execution. Action side-effects and the message snapshot would be lost at the final stage where the implicit keep is evaluated. This could result in the IMAP flags assigned to the message to be forgotten or that headers modified by the “editheader” extension would revert to their original state.
  • file script storage: Amended the up-to-date time stamp comparison for on-disk binaries to include nanoseconds. This will fix problems occurring when both binary and script are saved within the same second. This fix is ineffective on older systems that have no support for nanoseconds in stat() timestamps, which should be pretty rare nowadays.
  • file script storage: Improve saving and listing permission error to include more details.
  • imapsieve plugin: Make sure “INBOX” is upper case in static mailbox rules. Otherwise, the mailbox name would never match, since matching is performed case-sensitively and Dovecot only returns the upper-cased “INBOX”.
  • imapsieve plugin: Fixed assert failure occurring when used with virtual mailboxes.
  • doveadm sieve plugin: Fixed crash when setting Sieve script via attribute’s string value.

The release is available as follows:


Refer to http://pigeonhole.dovecot.org and the Dovecot v2.x wiki for more information. Have fun testing this release candidate and don’t hesitate to notify me when there are any problems.


Stephan Bosch

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