[Dovecot-news] v1.2.4 released


dovecot.org/releases/1.2/dovecot … tar.gz.sig

I’ll be on vacation for the rest of this week. I’ll read my mails once in a while though.

* acl: When looking up ACL defaults, use global/local default files if they exist. So it's now possible to set default ACLs by creating dovecot-acl file to the mail root directory.

+ imap/pop3 proxy: If proxy destination is known to be down, fail connections to it immediately.
+ imap/pop3 proxy: Added proxy_timeout passdb extra field to specify proxy's connect timeout.
- Fixed a crash in index file handling.
- Fixed a crash in saving messages where message contained a CR character that wasn't followed by LF (and the CR happened to be the last character in an internal buffer).
- v1.2.3 crashed when listing shared namespace prefix.
- listescape plugin: Several fixes.
- autocreate plugin: Fixed autosubscribing to mailboxes in subscriptions=no namespaces.

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