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I only now noticed that the VSZ limits weren’t being enforced with earlier v2.0.x releases (or they were set 1024 times too high). So if a Dovecot process was leaking memory, it wasn’t being killed by kernel.
Now that this enforcing is done, some installations will probably start seeing errors about reaching these limits in normal operation. The default_vsz_limit is 256 MB. You may want to increase it in larger installations to 1 GB just in case.

Besides the changes listed below, a lot of smaller fixes were done.

v2.0.16 2011-11-17 Timo Sirainen [email protected]

* VSZ limits weren't being enforced for any processes. On server with large mailboxes you may now see errors about it if the limits aren't high enough. To fix them, either increase individual service { vsz_limit } values or simply increase the default_vsz_limit setting.
* Proxying: If using ssl=yes or starttls=yes with a hostname (not IP) as proxy destination, require that the certificate matches the given hostname.
* LMTP: Changed default client_limit to 1. This should improve LMTP throughput with default settings.
* dsync: Quota is no longer enforced (i.e. dsync can't fail because user is over quota).

+ Added "auto" mail storage driver, which can be used to autodetect mailbox location and format. This behavior is already the default for empty mail_location setting, so this change is mainly useful for shared namespace's location setting.
+ checkpassword: Export all auth %variables to AUTH_* environment.

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