[Dovecot-news] v2.1.7 released


dovecot.org/releases/2.1/dovecot … tar.gz.sig

  • LDAP: Compatibility fix for v2.0: ldap: If attributes contain ldapAttr=key=template%$ and ldapAttr doesn’t exist, skip the key instead of using “template” value with empty %$ part for the key.
    • pop3: Added pop3_uidl_duplicates setting for changing the behavior for duplicate UIDLs.
    • director: Added “doveadm director ring remove” command.
    • director: Don’t crash with quickly disconnecting incoming director connections.
    • mdbox: If mail was originally saved to non-INBOX, and namespace prefix is non-empty, don’t assert-crash when rebuilding indexes.
    • sdbox: Don’t use more fds than necessary when copying mails.
    • auth: Fixed crash with DIGEST-MD5 when attempting to do master user login without master passdbs.
    • Several fixes to mail_shared_explicit_inbox=no
    • imapc: Use imapc_list_prefix also for listing subscriptions.

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