[Dovecot-news] v2.2.36 released



This is the last planned v2.2.x release. We didn’t fix everything reported (especially build changes) to try to minimize any unexpected breakages.

v2.3.2 will be out with a lot of fixes hopefully in a few weeks. That will start becoming the recommended version to run then.

  • login-proxy: If ssl_require_crl=no, allow revoked certificates.
    Also don’t do CRL checks for incoming client certificates.
  • stats plugin: Don’t temporarily enable PR_SET_DUMPABLE while opening
    /proc/self/io. This may still cause security problems if the process
    is ptrace()d at the same time. Instead, open it while still running
    as root.
  • doveadm: Added mailbox cache decision&remove commands. See
    doveadm-mailbox(1) man page for details.
  • doveadm: Added rebuild attachments command for rebuilding
    $HasAttachment or $HasNoAttachment flags for matching mails. See
    doveadm-rebuild(1) man page for details.
  • cassandra: Use fallback_consistency on more types of errors
  • cassandra: Fix consistency=quorum to work
  • dsync: Lock file generation failed if home directory didn’t exist
  • In some configs if namespace root directory didn’t yet exist, Dovecot
    failed to create mailboxes.lock when trying to create mailboxes
  • Snippet generation for HTML mails didn’t ignore &entities inside
    blockquotes, producing strange looking snippets.
  • imapc: Fix assert-crash if getting disconnected and after
    reconnection all mails in the selected mailbox are gone.
  • pop3c: Handle unexpected server disconnections without assert-crash
  • fts: Fixes to indexing mails via virtual mailboxes.
  • fts: If mails contained NUL characters, the text around it wasn’t
  • Obsolete dovecot.index.cache offsets were sometimes used. Trying to
    fetch a field that was just added to cache file may not have always
    found it.
  • dict-sql: Fix crash when reading NULL value from database

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