[Dovecot-news] v2.3.4 released (Pigeonhole v0.5.4)


Associated release for Pigeonhole:

Binary packages included in https://repo.dovecot.org/

  • Adjustments to several changes in Dovecot v2.3.4 make this Pigeonhole
    release dependent on that Dovecot release; it will not compile against
    older Dovecot versions. And, conversely, you need to upgrade
    Pigeonhole when upgrading Dovecot to v2.3.4.
  • The changes regarding the default postmaster_address in Dovecot v2.3.4
    mainly apply to Pigeonhole. The new default should work for all
    existing installations, thereby fixing several reported v2.3/v0.5
    migration problems.
  • IMAP FILTER=SIEVE capability: Fix assert crash occurring when running
    UID FILTER on a Sieve script with errors.

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