Down Notifications not being sent


I have been using Nagios 2.x for almost 2 years now and I have been very happy with its performance. Recently I decided to upgrade to version 3 but when I did Nagios stopped sending out notifications. I figured that I had some bugs in my configuration so I rebuilt the whole thing one object at a time using the Nagios 3 documentation. When I had completed that Nagios still did not send out down notices and I don’t know what to do other than revert back to version 2.

When I go to the Host detail page for a server it says that notifications are enabled. I know my email command works because I can send custom notifications just fine. The system correctly displays a server going down and then up (nagios.log records this as well) but no notifications are sent. I have doublechecked both my contact and host objects and I can’t find anything wrong. Notifications are enabled in nagios.cfg. Is there anywhere else I should be looking? Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my contact object:

define contact{ contact_name office alias office host_notifications_enabled 1 service_notifications_enabled 1 host_notification_period 24x7 service_notification_period 24x7 host_notification_options d,u,r service_notification_options u,c,r host_notification_commands host-notify-by-email service_notification_commands notify-by-email email }

And here is the host object (slightly edited):

define host{ host_name server alias Server address parents parent_host check_command check-host-alive max_check_attempts 10 check_period 24x7 notification_interval 10 notification_period 24x7 notification_options d,u,r contact_groups office_group icon_image tux.png icon_image_alt Linux vrml_image tux.png statusmap_image tux.gd2 }

Naturally the contact I provided is in the ‘office_group’ contact_group.

Thanks in advance.


I have the same problem. You decided it?