Drive status not displayed correctly using check_winhd plug-



I am VERY new to this whole Nagios thing but I have been asked to look into the reasons why one of our plug-ins is not operating correclty.

We are using the check_winhd plugin to monitor the drives of some Windows servers. Anyhow, the “Status Information” is displayed correctly under the “Service Status Details for All Hosts” page but the actual “Status” is incorrect. Below is a sample of what I am talking about:

Host :: Service :: **Status **:: Last Check :: Duration :: Attempt :: **Status Information **
HOST01 :: Widows-D-drive :: **OK **:: 2007-04-23 :: 11:50:09 0d 1h 10m 12s :: 1/4 :: **CRITICAL: hd D: in use 88.78% and 1.5 GB free **
As can be seen, the “Status” of the drive is given as OK but under the “Status Information” column it is shown as critical as 88.68% is in use. As a result we are not getting an alert for such an event.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can go about resolving this issue?



Change line 72 in the perl code for check_winhd to be:

“exit $RESCRIT;” instead of " exit $RESOK;"