Dual screen support in KVM?


Are there any plans to allow KVM to emulate multiple graphics cards in a virtual guest? We’re keen to use virtualisation here, but while we can find thin clients that will happily run two screens at 1920x1200, we’re struggling to find any hypervisor that will support it.


I doubt multi screen support is what you want, especially if trying to use thin clients… If your emulating a videocard and sending the display remotely, you pretty much end up sending bitmap images across the network which is extremely inefficient.

It doesn’t make sense to emulate multiple video cards, only to have that data pushed over the network to a thin client, most hypervisors only support a single videocard because the video emulation is used purely for installation/setup of the machine. Once you have an OS installed and working, you can use a native remote display protocol such as X11, NX or RDP to send a display to your dumb terminals in a vastly more efficient manner.