Dynamic, programmatic Nagios config?


I’m a relative newbie to Nagios. I’m using 3.0.

I’m looking to use Nagios to monitor some extremely dynamic sets of resource. These resources (hosts) will be up and down like… well, like some very up-and-down things… you get the picture.

They will join and exit the set of resources we need to monitor on (very roughly speaking) an hourly basis and the set being monitored will be in the hundreds of machines. So what I’d like to do is have an API to call on to dynamically modify Nagios’ configuration. I seem to have two problems:

  1. Vanilla Nagios only offers the flat Object Configuration files as the one and only way to configure hosts, services, etc.
  2. Vanilla Nagios requires a restart every time these files are modified. Given my modification rate is likely to be very high, restarting Nagios is not ideal as it will at the very least put all my scheduling right out-of-whack.

On point 1), of course, I can write to the Object Configuration files but it strikes me that there may be some excellent product already written which does this job which I’ve just not managed to locate. Besides, this doesn’t necessarily help me with point 2).

I’ve found some products (extensions of Nagios) which may help… but they seem more complex than I need and would require days of evaluation just to get a good grasp of how well they really meet my requirements. Any advice much appreciated!!



Does a reload interfere with the scheduling too? not sure… (and as a side note do NOT use restart, at least on older version it had TERRIBLE problems). As for other “interfaces” i’m not sure how they evolved in the last year and a half, when i last tried some of those i only got broken configs within a couple of days :frowning: