Editing nagios web page

Has anyone edited the nagios cgis? To have a better look and more efficient page display?

Right now my nagios configuration are all OK. except that when I click the status summary my machine get a 0 percent idle. Any ideas on how to improve it?

Thanks is advance.

for better look i edited the tac.cgi to have different colors (requires editing of the tac.c file, recompiling and editing of the tac.css file)
the tac.c file is (quite obviously) a C file using lots of printf functions… :slight_smile:


If your cpu goes to 100% usage and stays there, I suspect that you had errors in the compile. Try to compile the nagios source again, and see what went wrong. I too had to change the source files, since the colors where screwy for links that have been visited already. The red background with the red link, made it look like a blank or something like that.

I will try that. Thanks guys.