Editing the status information of check_ping and/or check_fp


I dont know if anyone edited successfully the status information of check_ping/check_fping. If I cant ping a host I get the following status information:

** FPING CRITICAL - (loss=100% )**

** FPING CRITICAL - host is unreachable **

Is there a how to to edit such status information?

Thanks in advance.



you have to modify the source file and recompile it. :slight_smile:



As Luca has stated, it’s the source you need to modify. Take a look at the files in your source directory. For example:
The file named check_fping.c has this line in it:
die (STATE_CRITICAL, _(“FPING CRITICAL - %s is unreachable\n”),

Change it say:
die (STATE_CRITICAL, _(“FPING is about to explode - %s is unreachable\n”),
or whatever you wish it to say.
Then recompile the plugin and install the new one.


Thanks. That isa great help. I found the code. Testing will follow. =)