Email notification problem


Dear all,
I have no problem in receiving custom emails from nagios through web but i dont receive emails from nagios itself though i keep my monitored system in DOWN state? Actually, this had become big problem for me, someone please kindly assist.

Will be very very thankful


is the nagios notifications page listing some notification as sent?


Dear Luca,
I have checked the mail log too, but nagios had not generated the mails while custom messages are easily sent and received. In addition, the mails sent from console of fedora(my nagios host) are alos received. So the main concern is that nagios is not generating any emails about unreachable, down or recovery hosts. Please help.



There’s a lot of stuff to check to see what is blocking the notifications from being generated and sent…
have a look here and check all “filters”. … tions.html

Sorry can’t help more at this point.