Email notifications problem


I have problem receiving email notifications for host and services.
i ahve setup email id in contacts.cfg.
Also enabled notifications in nagios.cfg.
also enabled service notification.

is there nethng other i hav forgot to do? :?:



Can you send an mail message, by using the sytax found in your .cfg for notify-by-email command?


No i cant send the mail msg.also i checked my misscommands.cfg file and it is proper.i have got mail script in bin .what else do i have to do so tht i can get alerts on the email id configured.



Hey thanks i fixed my problem
now i am able to receive email notifications



It would help us all, if you would explain how you fixed it.


Definitely i would like to tell .
well when i check the permissions of mail script in bin it was not executable.
so i made it executable by chmod + x mail
and it worked.