Email Notifications


I’ve got Nagios working but am trying to setup email notifications. The system had sendmail 8.13 on it but I chose not to use this. I was able to setup ssmtp and was able to send myself test messages using this from the command line. What I can’t get working is the email notification in nagios.

Not sure where to start. Does sendmail need to be disabled, if so how (can’t find good docs on how to do this)
Do I need to do anything special to tell Nagios to use SSMTP instead?
I modified the contacts.cfg, contactgroups.cfg and hosts to reflect the contact group I wish to be notified.

Need HELP please


Have a look in your misccommands.cfg or whichever file “notify-by-email” and “host-notify-by-email” commands are defined. do a grep in your nagios config directory if you cant find them.
You’ll see that the command pipes the service alert to /bin/mail. You need to change that, and the format in which nagios is passing stuff to it if needed