Error 403 - http://localhost/nagios


I just installed nagios 3.2. When I nagivate to localhost/nagios, it errors with Error 403.

any ideas?


yes, check the docs and your logs (apache).


Many times, yes. I remember having a similar issue with another website I installed a while back, and I think I remember adding a few things to the .htaccess file to fix it. However I cannot locate a .htaccess file for this nagios web app. Maybe that is why I am getting the error?


if you installed from source the docs may help, otherwise there are quite some variables to check, mainly apache related…


That’s correct. I resolved my issue by installing PHP. I noticed that it wasn’t even trying to run php when I decided to try to access index.php directly.

Thank you.


thanks for sharing the identified problem and solution :slight_smile: