Errors after reload : return code 127


I have just moved a nagios setup from my Gentoo desktop to a new Debian VPS. I’ve updated the paths in all the config files and it is mostly working fine.

However, when I reload the config (/etc/init.d/nagios reload) it throws everything into a horrible state. None of the plugins work and I get the following error on all host and service checks:

Return code of 127 is out of bounds - plugin may be missing

The plugins are definitely there, and when I start or restart Nagios there is no problem in using them. It’s just the reload causing this as far as I can tell. I never had this problem on the gentoo setup. Both are version 3.0.3.

Any help would be much appreciated.



I’m sorry, but I can’t help you much:
I have sometimes the same problem on a few servers (not all, although they have almost the same conf).

That’s why I do restarts instead of reloads now :slight_smile:
it’s not a bad idea anyway, and almost better (as it purges the memory used, the zombies created by nagios…etc)

quick question before ending: from which user do you run your “reload” ?


Thank you for your reply. Yes, unless I am able to solve this I will just use restarts.

I run both restart and reload as the root user.


maybe you should try to run the reloads as the nagios user (restart does a su - nagios_user before, so that’s alright … but the reload doesn’t, as it’s just a sigterm that is sent)

=> try a reload as the nagios user
if it works, you have 2 solutions:
-alway reload as nagios user
-add a “su - nagios_user” in the script used