Errors in RHEL install doc, need some assistance please



I’m doing a first time install of Nagios 3.2.1 on a Red Had Linux Enterprise box. I’m following the install guide which was linked to from the main wiki page, which is at … EL%204.doc

I’ve been able to install nagios, and I’m configuring it now. There’s a part of the doc that says the following:

Make the sample config files be your actual configuration files for Nagios:
root@whq-nagios etc]# mv checkcommand.cfg-sample checkcommands.cfg
root@whq-nagios etc]# mv minimal.cfg-sample minimal.cfg
root@whq-nagios etc]# mv misccommands.cfg-sample misccommands.cfg
root@whq-nagios etc]# mv nagios.cfg-sample nagios.cfg
root@whq-nagios etc]# mv resource.cfg-sample resource.cfg
root@whq-nagios etc]# rm bigger.cfg-sample

The problem is that I’m looking in /usr/local/nagios/etc/, and I don’t see most of those config files. The only ones that exist are cgi.cfg, nagios.cfg, and resource.cfg.

Is my Nagios installation going to break without the checkcommands.cfg, minimal.cfg, and misccommands.cfg files? If so, where do I get these files? They are not where the doc says they are supposed to be.

Thanks for your time!



didn’t you get any errors during the various “make” steps?


I didn’t see any errors, no. Most of nagios seems to be working without these files though, so I think I should be good.


if the problem is only in the missing demo cfg files you should have no problems whatsoever… i’m just a bit on the cautious side. If those files are missing what else could? :slight_smile:

you could try doing the “make install-config” step again and see if it creates the files… but if you have it running there’s no point in doing it :slight_smile: