Escalations single contact?


I am attempting to set up escalations on my nagios box and I am working with contact groups. If I only have one individual that needs to be notified at a particular tier of escalations, is it possible to define a single contact in escalations.cfg instead of having to create a group with a single contact and call that group?


define hostescalation{
host_name WebSite
first_notification 3
last_notification 5
notification_interval 45
contact_groups admins

Is there a way to set the bold line above to something like “contact bob”


Shrug You could always test that theory if you wanted. It’s a minor configuration change, so if it doesn’t work you could always just change it back…

Anywhos, is it really that much of a hassle to define another contact group with only one contact in it? It’s only a matter of three or four lines…