Event handler in nagios


I had configured a plugin with a event handler to check the ftp service and if it is down event handler will act and ftp will be started. It is working fine from command line as well as from groundwork. When ever plugin is called event handler runs and starts ftp if its down i can see this in nagios.log file.

Trouble is here this does not happen immediately when ftp goes down. The time for calling plugin is set to minimum still plugin is not called and ultimately event handler will not get executed. and ftp remain down,

Values set like this.
Max check attempts: 1
Normal check interval: 2
Retry check interval: 2

My requirement is when ver ftp goes down plugin should make it UP.
Exa - in 15 minutes ftp goes down 5 times plugin should make it Online.

Please help,


Please give answer of my query??


I’m sorry, but I think the lack of answers comes from the fact that you don’t give enough info.
Could you post here some parts of your config files ?


This will violet our security policy. Please do not mind.

The simple is i want that nagios should give me alerts quickly and contineously suppose thrice in 5 minutes like that.